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Brooklyn NY Painter

Commercial, Residential, Interior, And Exterior Painters

Brooklyn NY Painter

Commercial, Residential, Interior, And Exterior Painters

Brooklyn Painters

Brooklyn Painting Pros provides expert painting service in all areas throughout Brooklyn. We specialize interior and exterior home, business or medical facility paint jobs with a wide range of colors available to suit your needs!

We love making homes beautiful–but we also realize it’s not just about what you see inside your door; sometimes a home needs some TLC on the outside as well! We’ve grown from painting interiors of Brooklyn houses to now offering exterior services for residential and commercial properties.

When it comes to your home or business, there is no better investment than a fresh coat of paint. A new color can make all the difference in how much you enjoy living at any given time and if that isn’t enough reason alone then we also offer exterior services like window tinting as well!

Brooklyn Painting Pros is ready to help you paint your house, cabinets or grocery store. We have been doing this for over 20 years and are equipped with the necessary equipment!

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Why Choose Brooklyn Painting Company

We know how difficult finding a trustworthy painting contractor can be. That’s why we are here, ready to answer all your questions and help you make an informed decision about who will do the job best! We have extensive experience working with customers just like yourself – so let us show what Brooklyn Painting Pros has in store for this project from start to finish.

To make things easier for you, we compiled the five things you should look for in a painting contractor:

We’re A Customer Driven Painting Company

  • Professional: Hiring a professional painter is important to your project. You won’t be disappointed when you come back and see our work, because it’s always done right!
  • Quality: Who doesn’t love a good paint job? A professional house painter can make your home look like it was just installed in the last five minutes. It might be hard to tell without seeing examples of their work, but you will know when working with us.
  • Trustworthy: To ensure the safety of our clients, Brooklyn Painting Pros is a 100% free drug and alcohol workplace. We don’t just hire skilled painters but also people we feel can be trusted in your home or place of business even without supervision! All employees that work on-site have gone through technical training for their craft as well as background checks to make sure they aren’t convicted criminals before being hired by Brooklyn painting pros. If ever something should go wrong during any project– zero tolerance policy applies here at Brooklyn NY Painters.
  • Respectful: Hiring a contractor is not an easy task. You want to make sure that you are getting the best deal possible, which starts with doing your research and asking around! There’s no point in hiring someone who will only give subpar service – after all this time spent working on projects together they should have known each other’s strengths by now right? Make certain they’ve got good ratings from past customers as well so it goes smoothly both ways!
  • Safety: When hiring a house painter, one of the first things you should look for is their ability to uphold safety standards. This includes making sure they use products that won’t damage your home’s valuables and are able to protect it from paint jobs while also ensuring customer satisfaction by providing proper preparation before painting begins- this ensures accidents don’t happen!

We can talk all day about the five qualities you should look for in a painting contractor, but at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is we are committed to upholding all five of these qualities.  

#1 Painters in Brooklyn. NYQuality, Professional and Affordable 

Residential Painting
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Residential Painting

Painting your home is a great way to make it feel more like the place you’ve always wanted. Whether moving into an empty nest and need something fresh or if they are tired of painting jobs in previous homes, hiring professional Brooklyn house painters will be sure to help transform any space with their expertise!

House painting is always a good idea and if you live in the Brooklyn area, it couldn’t be better. In fact this place has been specially designed to help people like yourself who want their home looking its very best!

Commercial Painting

Your commercial property is an investment which you’ll hope to profit from sooner rather than later. If the paint job on your building has faded, pealed or stains it’s likely repelling customers and as a result money out of pockets! Fresh new color will attract higher end clientele while separating yourself from competition!

If you’re in need of a commercial painter, our professional team can help. Whether it’s an office building or warehouse workspace we’ll get the job done right with quality workmanship and competitive pricing that won’t break your budget!

Large scale commercial painting projects are jobs we handle all year round. so know that when your hire us, we’ll get it done right the first time.

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Exterior Painting

When painted, your home’s exterior not only expresses who you are but also protects against damage. When done properly with the perfect colors for each situation and season of year, there is no better way to improve curb appeal as well maintain its structural integrity in tough weather conditions like snow or rain!

We’re Brooklyn Painting Pros, and our job is to make your home look like new. We do this by making sure that the paint we apply will last for years without chipping or flaking in any Northern California climate; long after you move into another place!

Give us a call today to set an appointment and enjoy the advantages of Reasonable Painting Service Prices in Brooklyn.

Interior Painting

We all know that painting the exterior of your home greatly increases its value when you’re looking to sell, or just impress neighbors. But did you know that interior paint can have a similar effect? The inside is where we spend most time in our homes. It’s definitely worth giving every room some love!

Homeowners know that when it comes down to their home’s interior design, they want everything just right. That’s why our painting contractors are here for you! We’ll make sure any room in your house looks as good on the outside as it does inside by giving them a fresh coat of paint and making necessary repairs or touch ups before getting started with some creative customizations based on what YOU want.

Brooklyn NY Painters Company is fully licensed and insured. 

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Cabinet Painting

It’s not uncommon to grow bored with the aesthetic of your kitchen & bathroom cabinets. As the years pass by, so do styles and tastes. Unfortunately, completely replacing the cabinets in your kitchen and bathroom is a costly project which will dip deep into your pockets. On the other hand, painting your cabinetry is a cost-effective strategy which can quickly bring your cabinets up to modern standards and express the personality of your kitchen and bathroom.

Painters Services in Brooklyn

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We’re Brooklyn Painting Pros – your one stop shop for all things painting! We offer interior and exterior work, from a fresh coat of paint on cabinets or houses to full-blown renovations. No job is too big nor small with us as we have the resources at hand that will make sure you get what’s needed done in no time flat and without breaking any budgets.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Brooklyn Painters company for Your Painting Needs!

Brooklyn residents will never have to worry about their painting work again thanks to Brooklyn’s most well-known painters!

You can always rely on Brooklyn Painters for the most creative and unique painting projects around.

We’re a Brooklyn-based company that specializes in painting and decorating. Our goal is to provide you with the best service possible, from the start of the project until completion!

Brooklyn Painting contractors is the best company for all your painting needs.

When you need a company that will go above and beyond your expectations, look no further than Brooklyn NY Painters. We’re dedicated to our customers’ satisfaction which means we make sure each project is completed beautifully at an affordable price!

Painting is a great way to get creative and work on your imagination. We can help you bring the vision of yours into reality by painting what’s been inspiring to you!

To see the painting from start to finish, we’ll be by your side every step of the way. We love educating and want you involved in this process as much as possible!

We live and breathe our passion every day. We want that same sense of excitement, fulfillment and joy for you when we create your project!

Brooklyn is a beautiful and vibrant place with so many things to do. If you own property there, we have the painting contractors for when it needs some TLC!

Brooklyn Painting Pros is equipped and ready to complete the job. We are experts in painting features, from a few cabinets or your entire house – we can do it all!

#1 Brooklyn’s Painters Company

Local Brooklyn Painters

We know you’re looking for a top-notch painting crew in your area. We are the local pros that can handle any job!

Affordable Brooklyn Company

At Brooklyn NY Painter, we pride ourselves on being able to paint like the back of our hands. Whether it is a small job that needs some touch ups or an immense project requiring all your attention and expertise – you will never regret trusting us with any task!

Friendly Painting Company

When you’re happy, we’re even happier! We work hard to provide quality service and satisfy our customers. We know that when a customer is pleased with their work and happy in general it makes us feel like what really matters are not just sales but also quality of life!

Trust Brooklyn Painters Company

As a painting contractor, we work hard to make sure that any job is one where you can feel confident in our ability and standards. Our skilled team of painters are committed to providing you with exceptional service at every step in your home painting project.

Professional Painters Company in Brooklyn

It is our goal to have 100% satisfaction from customers, which means that if you don’t love your purchase then we will work with whatever solution satisfies both parties.

Arnold Obat
Arnold Obat
Brooklyn NY Painter did an amazing job in a very timely manner. They are clean and their work is of the highest quality. Did I mention they took extra care to make sure everything looked great?? Well yeah, highly recommend.
Patrick Sanoy
Patrick Sanoy
Brooklyn NY Painter really did a good job painting the interiors of our house. Thank you so much for your services.
William Capua
William Capua
This is the painting company you want to hire if you live in Brooklyn! They painted my entire condo building's hallways and common areas and it looks incredible. Great attention to detail and they worked efficiently and left everything so clean when they were finished. I wouldn't trust anyone else with our building's paint job.
Troy Johnson
Troy Johnson
Brooklyn NY Painter is a reliable and trustworthy painting service. They painted the interior of my home flawlessly, and their pricing was very affordable. The team was friendly, efficient, and provided excellent customer service. Highly recommended!
Randall Harris
Randall Harris
Brooklyn NY Painter did an exceptional job painting the interior of my residential property. The painters were skilled, friendly, and completed the project in a timely manner. Their pricing was affordable, making them the top choice in Brooklyn. Dangthuong Dangthuong
I had an incredible experience with Brooklyn NY Painter. Their team of painters transformed my commercial space into a work of art. They were fast, efficient, and their pricing was highly competitive. I highly recommend their services!

“I’ve tried other painters companies but the painting company in Brooklyn is by far my favorite. They are definitely leading it all with their efficiency and simplicity!”

Jane Loren


“I was in need of some painting done, and after searching around I found that The Brooklyn NY Painters Company is by far the best company for quality work. Not only did they respond quickly when my needs changed at the last minute but their customer care set them apart from all others!”

Dana Rosen


“We’re so glad that the best painters in Brooklyn are right on our side. Painting companies should always be trusted and we feel very fortunate to have found such a reliable team!”

Madelaine Taylor


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